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Your Dark Side Mistress

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Latest Episode

Episode 139 is called 'Jackpot'.  I am focusing on why our judgement becomes impaired when we are in a lustful state.  This episode also highlights our thought process and justifications for our love struck actions.  Finally, I will provide some words of wisdom if you choose to indulge with your new found infatuation.  As always, 'Your Dark Side Mistress' is keeping it authentic, intriguing, and provocative.  I dare you to come into my world and walk on the dark side. 

Release Date: 4/22/21

New episode hiatus until further notice.

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D'ffecult and D'manding

   The Show

I am 'Your Dark Side Mistress' and my podcast focuses on bold, illicit and risqué topics. I dive deep into the dark side of human nature.   I will discuss the following:

  • your sense of self-identity and self-worth,

  • safety and security issues including inner security,

  • communication and being misunderstood,

  • loneliness and hopelessness,

  • rejection, self-consciousness and judgement,

  • losing yourself in relationships, sex, inadequacy and intimacy issues,

  • fear, domination and control,

  • your belief systems, disillusionment,

  • recognition, respect,

  • conformity, rebelliousness, and physical, mental, & spiritual bondage

  • and so much more.

 I will focus on the things everyone wants to hide, deny, or are shunned for.  We cannot achieve true happiness and fulfillment until we heal and embrace our true selves.  When you listen to each episode you will receive explicit truth and real wisdom about relationships and your life. Let's get to know and grow from our inner demons. Come into my world and take a 'Walk on the Dark Side'. 


Creator & Host

D'ffecult and D'manding


'Your Dark Side Mistress'

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